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How To Tie A Beautiful Bow Tie For Melansay High Waist Maxi Skirt

Our sash is so magic ,it maybe the most striking part of the skirt.With one sash the skirt can be endless option,strap dress,tube dress, and so on. It's not just only a maxi skirt. No endless just up to your imagination.The simple style is just tie a bow tie,this bow belt will add a gorgeous finishing touch to your dresses or skirts.

1. Fold the sash in half lengthways,exactly in half to find the center.

how to tie a bow tie with sash

2. Keep the belt close to your waist, adjust the center to cover waistband to be a high waisted maxi skirt.

3.Twist the belt around your waist from front of belly button and crossing at back.

4.Wrap the belt from back to front of body, and tie a bow tie.

5.Long enough sash belt/wrap is not attached, so you can decide if you want the knot in the front/back/side.

6. All is done.